Enterprise Scholarship

Grip Pro would like to thank the University of Leeds for handing the team here an enterprise scholarship. What does this mean?
Well from now on our team will be mentored by business advisors who can tell us how to more effectively market our brand new product to reach you guys. We want people to know about us! The cash donation will also allow us to advertise online so finding us on google may soon be a whole lot easier. This being said, you guys are the ones that can help us the most. If you have bought a can of Grip Pro, let your friends know how good it is and recommend they visit our site! There is nothing more effective than hearing advice from those you trust.

Finally keep an eye out in the coming weeks for discount offers. Its that time of year again and Grip Pro would make a perfect stocking filler! Information will be posted on here, our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/GripPro2015/ and on Twitter https://twitter.com/GripPro_Golf

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