Surveys are a great way of discovering the habits of your target market. It can help you refine the audience you are trying to reach to make the business you run more effective and at the same time question the way people think about a certain topic.

We have designed a survey based on the research and feedback we have gathered from golf professionals over the past several weeks. Amongst this we were finding that many golf members at clubs were lazy when it came to looking after one of the most important pieces of equipment: the grip. Yet at the same time, those who appreciated its importance, cleaned, replaced and looked after their grips rigorously.

Not only do we want to try and define these two types of golfer to help us target the right people, but we want to question the reasoning behind those that don’t take full care of their equipment and challenge their perception.

If you do have a spare 30 seconds, can you please fill out the survey to help us and to perhaps question your opinion!

Thank You

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