Soap and Water Should Be a Thing of the Past


Let’s admit it, using soap and water is probably the most common means of cleaning your golf grips. The reason for this, especially in the UK, is because most golfers aren’t aware of an alternative. For years it has provided golfers with a way of keeping on top of maintaining their grip condition…or so they think.¬†In reality, this option is actually doing your grips more harm than good.

When rubber is newly formed it has pores all over the surface and won’t be smooth, as can be seen in the image below:


Golf grips when new are at their most tacky. This is because these pores are contamination free and the surface structure remains in-tact. As we have stated before grips are made of materials that age and wear as a function of time and use. More specifically however, these pores get filled up with grease, sweat, dirt and anything else they come into contact with that can work its way in.

When these pores become contaminated with all of this gunk, a golf grip becomes more slippy and less tacky. The simple solution is to remove whatever is in the pores by cleaning the grip and thus in turn restoring tackiness. And it is here we find our first problem with using soap and water.

Soaps block the surface structure of rubber, or in other words, the long chain fatty acids found in soap fill up the pores, so by inference this would make your grip even more slippy and less tacky. That is not all. Soaps are acidic and acid corrodes. Every time you clean your grip with soap and water you are corroding it, damaging the surface structure and lessening your grip’s lifetime. I don’t know about you but the longer I can hold off paying the price to re-grip, the better.

Clean your grips in the right way by using Grip Pro. The specially formulated, solvent-based formula removes all of the above mentioned gunk from your grips instantly and without damaging the rubber. The result is a clean, contamination free grip, restored to its original tackiness and one that will last far longer.

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