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Golf is notoriously quiet over the winter months. We’ll admit, unless you are a hardcore golfer, the cold and harsh conditions can make playing a round of golf quite daunting. Read up on any golfing trends and they will tell you the same thing. And it is this lack of footfall in the many clubs across the UK that make it hard for Pro shops to shift any stock.

Grip Pro has experienced this too. Over the winter months, it has been harder to generate as much interest in our product. This is also due to the fact we are an up and coming brand, so people may not think to look for us in the first place. However this is something we want to change, right now!

Recently, Grip Pro has sought to put in some new structures and ideas to our business that will hopefully mean a successful spring and summer period.

This started with our product being featured in one of the UK’s leading golf magazines, Today’s Golfer. The response we got from being top of the ‘Hot This Month’ section was phenomenal, and shows if we put our product in the right places, people show an interest in it. We don’t want to stop there though, and as some of you may know, we have also been working on a Kickstarter Campaign to raise some funds.

We genuinely believe we have a fantastic product every golfer needs, they just don’t know about it yet! So the aim of our campaign is to raise some money in order for us to reach a wider audience, not just here in the UK, but when the time comes, Europe and America too. Our aim is to provide as many golfers as possible the opportunity to play their best golf through maintaining their gear and as I don’t have a rich family member to pump a load of money into doing that, we are going to rely on backers instead!


The aim of our video was to tell our potential customers and backers three main things:
1. Why you need to look after your grips
2. what Grip Pro is and how it can help you do so
3. Who Grip Pro will be useful for

Now all we needed was someone to help make this idea a reality. Drawing from contacts at the University of Leeds, Grip Pro met up with Seabrook Media, a student-run media business that helps companies realise their marketing potential through the use of relevant video campaigns for social media. After meeting with founder, Owen, we put a plan in place that would mean gaining the opinions of golfing professionals to give a valid opinion of our product. This included three trips to Leeds, Denbigh and Hartford golf club to set up interview-style shoots with the Pro’s and shop directors there. We must stress, the opinions of the people in our video are their own, we did not ask them to say how great Grip Pro was as we wanted trusted reviews.

After a couple of very long days filming and many hours in the editing studio, Owen was able to produce a great result. Trust me, take a look for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQGvXusAL2E&t=4s

We are chuffed to bits with the result, not only will it help us with our Kickstarter Campaign, but for anyone coming through to our website, it offers a quick and concise description of how our product can benefit you.


We plan on making our campaign live on the 1st of March. This is when people might start thinking about dusting the cobwebs off their clubs, and generally there is a bit more of a buzz surrounding golf. It is important that we make people aware of our quest for funding before hand though, otherwise we shall never be successful!

We have been in contact with a number of media outlets that are going to support our efforts, and of course we have a strong community of golf clubs that will do so as well. But we also want the golfing public to get on board too! So we are asking if you are thinking of buying a bottle of Grip Pro in the month of March, then please do so directly from the Kickstarter link below. By donating £15, you will receive a bottle of Grip Pro, thereby supporting the future success of our business directly.

And remember these things are successful largely because of word of mouth; if you have bought our product, let a friend know how good it is, your opinion is the one that matters most!

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