Our Kickstarter Campaign


We are now live on Kickstarter and need your help to achieve our goal of raising £5,000. During this period backers of our project will receive some rewards for funding us. This includes getting your hands on our product, or if you are a pro at a golf club and want to stock your club at a reduced rate, you can do that too! Other rewards include free PT sessions, free Uber credit and the chance to win some motorsport passes to race weekends. To find out more about our project and us as a business just follow the link below and help us realise our potential! 

Where We Started


The golf grip is probably the most important part of the club, it is the only bit you are in contact with for an entire round. We want to challenge the norm and make sure every golfer out there is looking after this vital piece of equipment in the right way. That is where Grip Pro started, if we could make an affordable product that was easy to use and worked well, then we could challenge people's perceptions and convert them to use our product. 

Where We are Now


We have a specially formulated liquid that does exactly what we set out to do and customers that know it does too! Grip Pro offers both an alternative option to those who don't play regularly and don't replace their grips and an extra accessory to those regular players who want to look after their grip in the best way possible. As a result we stock numerous Pro shops up and down the country as well as online retailers.


What Is Grip Pro


Grip Pro is a specially formulated, CFC-free but very aggressive solvent, developed for cleaning and restoring golf grips. It acts by dissolving mould releasing agents and any other contaminants found on your grip after a round including sweat and dirt.  In doing so it ensures a clean, contamination free, tacky grip with no oily residue, allowing optimal adhesion. 

How Do I Use It


It's simple. If your clubs are in poor condition then spray directly on to a bit of wire wool or an abrasive scouring pad and rub down your grips. For subsequent treatment and for clubs in better condition just spray directly onto your grip and wipe down with a lint-free cloth. 

Do I Still Need To Re-grip


Grip Pro is good, but it doesn't perform miracles. It will prolong the life of your grip and keep it in better condition but there will come a time when you do need a new set of grips. So keep an eye out for those shiny spots where your fingers usually sit