Grip Pro – Golf Club Grip Cleaner

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Original Tackiness Restored Within Seconds To Your Grips

Grip Pro is a specially formulated, CFC-free but very aggressive solvent, developed for cleaning and restoring golf grips.  The grip is a vital part of the golf club and using Grip Pro will ensure that you are taking care of it in the right way.

How It Works

Grip Pro acts by dissolving mould releasing agents and any other contaminants found on your grip after a round including sweat and dirt.  In doing so it ensures a clean, contamination free, tacky grip with no oily residue, allowing optimal adhesion.


If your grips are in poor condition and are badly soiled spray a generous amount of liquid directly onto a clean cloth until wet.  Rub down your grips until all dirt and grease is removed.  Allow the grip to dry or wipe with a dry cloth.

For golf grips in better condition and for treatment thereafter, spray the liquid directly onto the grip and wipe down with a clean cloth.  For regular players apply the liquid after every couple of rounds.

Product Specifications

Grip Pro Golf Club Grip Cleaner – 4oz (125ml Approx)
4oz / 125ml

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 0.5 × 30 cm

4 reviews for Grip Pro – Golf Club Grip Cleaner

  1. James Davis

    I was a bit apprehensive about this product at first. I usually clean my grips with soap and water but only very rarely. The last time I replaced them was 2-3 years ago so I don’t consider myself a clean freak by any means. Being totally honest I have mutual connections with the young lads who have set up this business so thought i’d just have a look at the website. However after having a browse of the website and reading some of the articles posted on here I questioned my habits and thought i’d give the product a chance. It works very well and the evidence can be seen on the towel or cloth you use to clean it as well as the feel of the grip afterwards. Really impressed and would definitely recommend.

  2. P.Edwards

    Bought this product after not coming across anything like it before. A brilliant product for maintaining your club grips and will save me replacing my grips so frequently. I will be recommending it when at the club in the new season

  3. G. Allen

    My elderly grips were hard and shiny, despite a regular brush with soap and water. Grip Pro in minutes gave me a good grip again. Hope it helps cut my handicap!

  4. Paul Brookes (verified owner)

    Came across the grip pro website looking for grip cleaner and glad i did. The amount of dirt and grime that came of my faitly new clubs grips with this product was very surprising. This has made what i thought were already good grips even better and i thoroughly recommend it for any golfer.

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